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Women’s Equality Day: In which sector do women participate? How much salary do they get as compared to men?

Equality, the word that talks. In your house, in our society and also in the Parliament of the country. But, do women of our country have equal participation as men in any sector? Do they get the same salary as men when they work? In the country’s most prestigious exam UPSC, are women selected equal to men? The answer to all these questions is no.

Where are the women in the country’s military, civil service, private sector? What is the gender gap in the sector? Where are we compared to Duniya in the Gender Gap Index? How much salary do female CEOs receive in India compared to male CEOs? In this report, we will answer all these questions…

Let’s talk about the army of the country first. There are a total of about 14 lakh soldiers in the three defense forces of the country. Only 0.7% of them are women. Their stake in the army has been reduced to half a percent. Women account for the largest share of 1.3% in the Airforce.

When it comes to military officers, about 4% of the army officers are women. About 7% of the Navy’s officers are women. At the same time, women officers account for more than 13% of the Air Force officers. That is, the share of women in military officers is higher than the total number of soldiers in the armies. However, the equality of women in all three armies is still far away from men.

Not only in the army, but women are also absent in paramilitary forces.
Among the paramilitary forces, women hold the largest share in the CISF. But, this too is just 6%. The total share of women in CRPF, BSF, SSB, and ATBP is less than three percent.

This time 23.7% of the women selected in civil services;
Recently the civil service results of 2019. A total of 829 candidates were selected. 197 of these, ie 23.7% are women. Looking at the trend of the last five years, the lowest 19.7% of the candidates selected in 2015 were women. At the same time, the highest in 2017 was 24.1% of women. That is, in any year, the share of women in the total select candidate has not been 25%.

Salary to women 44% less than male CEO, difference doubled from last year;
The share of women in the corporate sector is also low. Even the women in the most important positions of the company, their salary is less than the men. According to NSC, male CEOs of major companies of the country receive an average of 21 million salaries. At the same time, the salary of a female CEO is Rs 1.68 billion. If we talk about the 100 richest people in the country, then there are only 5 women among them. Savitri Jindal of Jindal Steel is the richest woman in the country. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is at number two.

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