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Madhuri Dixit Birthday Special: When Madhuri Dixit’s link-ups with Sanjay Dutt created a stir!

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15 May 2022, (New Delhi): Madhuri Dixit, popularly known as Dhak-Dhak Girl in Bollywood, has turned 55 years old. Born on May 15, 1967 in Mumbai, Madhuri started her career with the 1984 film ‘Abodh’. While Madhuri Dixit was in a lot of discussion due to her films, her affair with Sanjay Dutt in the 90s also made a lot of headlines. Even Sanjay Dutt himself had confessed that he wants to marry Madhuri Dixit. However, later their paths parted.

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According to sources, this scene related to the affair of Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit was filmed earlier in the film ‘Sanju’. But later that part was dropped from the film. Actually, Madhuri’s life is quite happy. In such a situation, she did not want the shadow of her past to fall on her happy life even by mistake.
This is when Sanjay Dutt was arrested in the 1993 Mumbai bomb attack case. At that time the police had given him permission to make a call and Sanjay Dutt had made this call to Madhuri Dixit.

It is said that Sanjay Dutt was in jail for 16 months at that time, but Madhuri did not go to jail even once to meet him. From here, distance started coming in their relationship. Madhuri did not went to meet Sanjay Dutt even after coming out of jail. After that both of them broke the relationship.

After this, whenever Madhuri was asked about Sanjay Dutt, she always remained silent. She never said in front of anyone that she has any kind of relation with Sanjay Dutt.

However, times have changed a lot. While Madhuri Dixit is leading a happy life by marrying Dr Shriram Nene, Sanjay Dutt is also the father of twins Shahraan and Iqra married to Manyata.

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In the year 1999, Madhuri went to America to meet her brother, where she met her brother’s friend Dr. Shriram Nene. After dating for just three months, Madhuri and Dr Nene decided to get married. Madhuri surprised everyone by marrying suddenly. After coming back to India after marriage, Madhuri first completed all her unfinished projects and then left the film world and shifted to America.

Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit are said to be have grown close during the shooting of the 1991 film ‘Saajan’. While romancing in the film, both of them were giving heart to each other. While Sanjay Dutt was married during the shooting of Saajan, Madhuri Dixit was climbing the ladder of success in the film industry.

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