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What! After divorce female partners can’t seek alimony from their husband: Know More

In a latest judgement by Delhi court, District Judge Rekha Rani denied alimony to wife from her estranged husband. This judgement has become the sensation as court has asked the respondent (women) to earn money rather than seeking alimony from her husband.

What is the Matter:

A Delhi based married couple filed divorce case in district court where the woman demanded monthly expenses of INR 12,000 as an alimony from her estranged husband. Husband denied to bear the monthly expenses giving the the reason that his wife is more qualified than him. He adds, she is gold medalist in msc and is capable of earning rather than demanding alimony.

Respondent accepted that she is more qualified than her husband. I’ve never worked before and i’m not aware of finding the right choice of job for me. Finding a job at this phase of my life will not be easy task, she adds.

To his wife remark husband said, I’m ready to help her in finding the right job for her and ready to give the requested alimony for an year i.e. INR 12,000 per month.


Concluding both the sides thoughts, District Judge Rekha Rani agreed on not paying the lifetime alimony to wife. In her judgement, she said appellant will help the respondent in finding suitable job and during the course of finding job, couple can stay in touch via messages for the sake of communication. She also approved alimony amount for 1 year.

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