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Vikram Vedha trailer is out now: – Fan say “Parda Fat Gaya”

Edited By: Divya Thearia

The much-awaited trailer of Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan’s epic action thriller Vikram Vedha is finally released on Thursday and it’s got everything that one could expect. From gruesome action sequences and epic one-liners to thrilling fight scenes and intense cat-and-mouse chase sequences, the trailer promises a near-faithful remake of the 2017 Tamil hit.

Vikram Vedha trailer features the epic face-off between Saif and Hrithik

The 2.30 minutes trailer starts off with actor Vijay Raaz’s voiceover. The viewers are introduced to the worlds of Vikram and Vedha, two distinct personalities. Seem to be sharing much more in common than they will agree. Vikram Vedha trailer features the epic face-off between Saif’s Vikram, a righteous cop, and Hrithik’s Vedha, a dreaded gangster.

Radhika Apte appears to be the moral compass of the narrative

The trailer charts the characters’ lives in the Uttar Pradesh-set film. They navigate moral dilemma, duty and the understanding of being on the right side of law and order. Vikram Vedha trailer also features actor Radhika Apte. She appears to be the moral compass of the narrative. The trailer then establishes Hrithik as the ruthless gangster Vedha in the opening scene as he beats up multiple goons single-handedly in quite some style. He jumps off rooftops and breaks people’s legs with the same swagger and some gore too.

Trailer maintains a mystery about the protagonist of the story

It is high on action sequences and some intense face-off scenes between Saif (Vikram) and Hrithik (Vedha). It also has impactful shots and absolutely powerful dialogues. The trailer does not reveal much about the story. It maintains a mystery around the two protagonists played by Hrithik and Saif.

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