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US Election results Live Updates: Biden overshadows Trump!

The counting of votes for the presidential election continues in the US. The contest between Republican nominee Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden is currently tightened. According to the counting of votes, Joe Biden currently has an edge against Trump. Meanwhile, Trump has alleged allegations of ballot counting. Trump has reached the Supreme Court regarding this. Along with this, fears of violence have also been raised in the US about the election results, for which strong security arrangements have been made.

Biden’s record for most votes:

Amid the counting of votes in the US, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden holds a new record. Biden holds the record for the most votes in an election so far. The record of the highest number of votes of any presidential candidate in American electoral history has now passed to Joe Biden.

Till now, Joe Biden has received 70 million votes, while Donald Trump is close to 6.8 million votes.

Biden very close to creating history:

Democratic candidates in the presidential election in the United States who have reached very close to the magical figure of the Biden Electoral Vote (270). According to a New York Times tally, Joe Biden has received 253 electoral votes so far. At the same time, Donald Trump of the Republican Party has received 214 electoral votes so far.

To win a presidential election, a candidate must have 270 electoral votes. That is, Joe Biden needs only 13 more electoral votes to win.

While Biden is ahead of Trump in the presidential election results, on the other hand, he is far ahead of Trump in terms of total vote percentage. Democrat candidate Joe Biden has received a total of 7,18,14,138 votes so far, according to the latest presidential election update. Which is 50.4 percent of the total votes. On the other hand, Republican nominee Donald Trump received 6,82,53,508 votes with a vote share of 47.9%.

Trump Camp reaches court:

The presidential election battle in America has now reached court. According to the news agency Reuters, Trump’s side filed a case in Michigan. Trump has asked the court to count suspended votes in Michigan. It has also appealed to ban the counting of ballot votes. Not only this, Trump has also requested for a second counting of votes in Viscosin.

In some of the thorn-fighting provinces, the US election has been mired in uncertainty over allegations of counting of votes and Trump’s fraud of the public and his declaration of going to the Supreme Court.

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