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Type ‘IDIOT’ on Google search you will see the images of Donald Trump – Know How

If you type ‘IDIOT’ on Google search in Images section you will find the most hilarious result ever seen. Getting to know about this hilarious incident US lawmakers seek for the reason behind this mischievous activity from CEO of Google Sunder Pichai. The member of House Judiciary Committee asked Sunder Pichai. If we type word ‘IDIOT’ in image section on the google search engine it shows images of President Donald Trump.

Sunder Pichai replied that search engine optimization for keywords is a work of a series of algorithms inspecting around more than 400 social standards. Pichai added that optimizing keywords is not controlled by humans. He further added that the trolling of US President on our search engine is a result of different websites and youtube channels using Idiot tag Before President Trump name.

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