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Tunisha Sharma’s co-star Abhinav Kapoor is ‘shocked’ over actress’ demise, says ‘I never saw her depressed’

28 December 2022 (New Delhi): Actress Tunisha Sharma’s suicide has left the country heartbroken, sad, and shocked. The entire television industry has expressed its grief over the loss of such a young girl. Tunisha’s Internet Wala Love’s co-star Abhinav Kapoor has reacted to Sharma’s demise, and stated that he is ‘sad and devasted.’ While speaking to News18, Kapoor stated that after learning about Tunisha’s suicide he couldn’t express what he felt at that time. “My body was cold. I had goosebumps. I sat down for a couple of minutes and did not know how to react because you don’t expect such a thing from such a successful, young person,” said Abhinav. 

Kapoor further added that Tunisha has been a star since her childhood. She had done several films. He revealed about having a word with Kanwar Dhillon and Shivin Narang. “As soon as the news came in, I straight away called them. He (Kanwar) was at the hospital when I called him. I asked him if I should come to the hospital. He told me that it was not a good time because there was a lot of media and police. I am sure there is a lot her mom is going through as well. I will definitely go and meet aunty for sure in a day or two when we have a prayer meet,” asserted Abhinav. 

During the conversation, Abhinav also added that he does not feel Tunisha was suffering from depression or was under stress. According to Kapoor, Tunisha was a happy person. “I am sad and devastated but I am shocked. I never felt that she was emotionally weak,” added Kapoor. He further stated that Tunisha had a great personality, and she was a very nice person. “I never saw her tensed or depressed. Always chirping, talking. She was a young girl. She was 17 when we were doing that show,” stated Kapoor. The last rites of Tunisha were held on Tuesday. 

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