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Tragedy Queen Meena Kumari Tragic Search for Love!

Edited By: Aashish Vashistha

In Pic:Meena Kumari and her husband

March31,2022 (New Delhi): Life of Bollywood stars are very different from what the live on-screen and what they are off-screen, it is really shocking to believe but fact that most of actress and actors who are beautiful by heart are alone in their true love life. From Meena Kumari, Praveen Babi to Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood is home for the tragic death, injustice and painful love story. Like it is just yesterday when Sushant frightful death shocked everyone, it was not the first time when Bollywood got jolt of pang, story of Meena Kumari still leaves people in tear.

In Pic: Meena Kumari and Nargis Dutt

After the death of Pakeezah actress, legendary actress Nargis Datt had said ““Congratulations on your death. I have never said this earlier. Meena, today your baaji (elder sister) congratulates you on your death and asks you to never step into this world again. This place is not meant for people like you”. In the same column, Nargis Dutt also revealed a horrific anecdote. Nargis revealed that she had once met Meena Kumari with a swollen eye, right after she heard noises of intense violence from her (Meena’s) room.

In Pic:Dharmendra and Meena Kumari

Dutt revealed, “One night I saw her panting in the garden, I told her, ‘Why don’t you rest, you look very tired. She said, ‘Baaji, resting is not in my destiny. I will rest just one time.’ Next day, I saw her eyes were swollen. I caught hold of Kamal Amrohi’s secretary Baqar & spoke to him in direct terms, ‘Why do you people want to kill Meena?’ She has worked enough for your sake, for how long is she going to feed you? He said, when the right time comes, we will rest her.”
Nargis Dutt in her column for the magazine also had revealed that after parting ways with her husband Kamal and fighting alcoholism, Meena Kumari had once found her happiness in actor Dharmendra after he entered her life. However, that happiness was not lasting, as Meena was left heartbroken once again, after Dharmendra walked out of her life, owing to some misunderstanding between them. Meena Kumari went under severe depression. Heavy drinking had badly damaged her liver.

In Pic:Meena Kumari

Three weeks after the release of Pakeezah, Meena Kumari became seriously ill, she passed away on 31 March 1972 of liver cirrhosis at age 39. At the time of her death, she was in a bad financial situation. It is said that when she died in a nursing home, there was no money to pay her hospital bills. Once in an interview Kamal Amrohi Meena Kumari’s husband said that her last words before she went into a coma at the nursing home was that “Chandan, I will not live much longer now. My last wish is to die in your arms.”
Meena Kumari wished this epitaph to be on her grave:
She ended life with a broken fiddle,
With a broken song,
With a broken heart,
But not a single regret.
“Tum Kya karo ge sun kar mujh se meri kahani
Bay lutf zindagi ke qissay hain pheekay pheekay”

Written by:Manshi Singh

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