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Three cases of coronavirus encountered in India: Stay Alert

A new virus called novel coronavirus, a cousin of the SARS virus is the reason for an international health emergency. The initial symptom depicted in China and now it has started to spread in India. According to news agency, ANI three cases have been reported till now, two being from Mumbai while one from Hyderabad.

The Chinese virus came to light after several cases with the same symptoms suddenly started coming up in China’s Wuhan city. A variant of the virus, that originally originated in China has also been reported in Japan, Thailand, and even the US, owing to the travelers going from one country to another.

After the Chinese government finally announced the breakout of the virus and WHO confirmed humans to be vectors, several airports in different countries initiated the practice of thermal screenings. Media reports also suggest that one patient has been diagnosed with the Wuhan virus and has been kept under observation under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It has now come to light that the virus causes cough, sore throat, fever & body ache, eventually leading to pneumonia. Experts have also confirmed that it spreads through contact with an infected person. 

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