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No Fear No Favour

The Mountains of modesty

Byline by- Kavya Madaan

The year 2020 is giving such new trends, like wearing masks is the new normal and now the women have found a new way of showing empowerment.

A new trend has been followed by the women , they are posting Topless pictures on the peak of mountains.

They do not face the camera and post their pictures alone or with the friends.

Some hikers do it for fun and adventure but some are saying that this is the symbolic representation of “empowerment”.

Some women go to the mountain tops to have a new phase of life when they overcome from a breakup , body illness or some other major issue.

Beyond Colorado, hikers have done it in Oregon, New York, Georgia, Utah, Alaska, Washington, Nevada, California, and even Canada.

Many women claim that they are always fighting to be a part of the society and get accepted and try doing the right things always but coming in the beautiful nature, we realise that we are like wildflowers and trees and are perfect just like ‘em!

Many instagram stories are popping up with different captions where the women are finding it so exciting to go and post their topless pictures with their GIRL GANG!

Many captions show that by posting such pictures women are actually finding confidence in their own bodies and are happy about it.

It has become a part of the Bucketlist 2020 of many girls out there!!Captions like this “It took me a few hours to realize like I shouldn’t be ashamed of my body ever,” she said. “And that was an empowering moment and experience.” This shows 2020 has given a BOOST to the women empowerment

Women are standing for themselves, what else is needed? They are happy and feeling comfort around and this is giving a happy vibe somehow.❤️More power to Women!

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