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Sonali Phogat’s nephew blames her PA for her death

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23 August, 2022 (New Delhi): A big news has come out in the case of death of Haryana BJP leader and Tiktok star Sonali Phogat in Goa. Sonali Phogat’s relative Rinku has feared murder in this case and has raised doubts on Sonali’s PA and his accomplice. Rinku says that FIR has not been registered yet. Murder is suspected as he says “We suspect PA and one of his associates. We demand a CBI inquiry.”

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Sonali’s death was a planned murder?

onali’s relative said that everyone talked on the phone at night itself. Everything was fine then. Then how did this happen? All this planning was going on in advance. But we didn’t know. This matter should be investigated.

Sonali’s body is now in Goa
Sonali Phogat’s body is still in Goa and the post-mortem of the body has not been done. In fact, Sonali’s family members say that till the FIR is not registered, they will not conduct the post-mortem. Sonali’s nephew claims that Sonali had swelling and stretch marks on her face.

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Sonali Phogat’s mother-in-law Gautami Devi has also said that she is also suspected of murder as she had many enemies due to political reasons. We cannot say what happened outside but she had gone completely healthy from home.

Let us tell you that Sonali Phogat died in Goa. Goa Police had told that he died due to heart attack. On the other hand, Sonali Phogat’s sister says that Sonali had told during a talk with her mother on Monday morning that she is finding something wrong with her food and it seems that some conspiracy is happening. However, what is the truth, nothing can be said clearly on this yet.

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