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SheWings launches India’s first minor friendly premium sanitary pads

By: Divya Thearia

26th December 2022 (New Delhi): Anandi Ben Patel, the governor of Uttar Pradesh, Drs. Kiran Bedi, Deepa Malik, IAS Medha Roopam, Smita Singh, and Dr. Shobha Tomar spoke at the summit on women’s leadership the day beforeSheWings announced that they would be expanding their premium personal care line.

The first minorfriendly sanitary pad is introduced by SheWings in India. SheWings PersonalCare today unveiled its more premium product, India’s first minor friendly sanitary napkin, in front of several wellknown faces of the nation in a muchanticipated groundbreaking product announcement.Following the women’s leadership summit, the product’s soft launch developed into a dynamic event. 

Dr. Shobha Tomar, VC and Founder of NIMS University, Dr. Akanksha Allabadia, and Dr. Deepa Gupta, top gynaecologists, made an expert appeal about the product and urged women to use SheWings Personal Care sanitary napkins to prevent various menstrual hygiene-related problems like rashes, irritation, ovarian and cervical cancer, among others. 

Several wellknown doctors, including Drs. Mohita Sharma and Sharda Sharma, praised the customised products.According to Dr. Shobha Tomar, you wouldn’t want your girl to start her period with plastic, therefore here is SheWings.

A prominent group of gynaecologists showed the product to the group of female CEOs while speaking to them.

While talking to the group of women CEOs, a renowned group of gynecologists presented the product to the audience.

Talking to the press, SheWings founder, Madan Mohit Bhardwaj added “ We had worked 8 years to develop this product. 12 year old girl child never uses the same face cream which her mother uses. Since we know there are different products for different age groups, then why would a teen use the same sanitary napkin used by a 45 year old woman. Their lingerie brands are different. By keeping in mind this factor, we have developed India’s first minor friendly pad.

Dermatologist Dr. Radha Sharma, suggested to the women CEOs if they are having menstrual health related issues and that this product is going to be a game changer and will provide comfort with luxury.

The product will be available on all the e-comm websites and from mid- January 2023.

Additionally, it was disclosed that the first thousand sales’ profits will be donated to charity. University VCs and wellknown school principals preordered the merchandise shortly following this announcement.

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