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Shark Tank India’s Namita Thapar’s “Son Has Spoken Out The Truth… Shift The Blame On Poor House Help”: Netizens Slam Asking How Would She Know Your Password?

15th January 2023 (New Delhi): Namita Thapar, one of the most popular judges on “Shark Tank India,” has suddenly found herself in trouble due to personal issues. To defame Namita Thapar, her educated housekeeper posted such a post on social media, after which the businesswoman had to tweet and clarify it.

Recently, a post was shared on Namita Thapar’s Instagram story in which a lot was written about Namita’s son. Namita’s post read, “This is Namita’s son.” I just want the world to know that the person you see on TV is not the person you think you are. Unfollow him as soon as possible. “I will tell you why when the time comes.” Not only this, it was also written in Namita’s Instagram bio: “Bad mother, bad wife.” However, later, this post was deleted, and the bio was also removed.

Namita Thapar clarified

After this act, Namita Thapar told through a tweet that this post was not done by her son but by one of her “educated house helpers.” Namita wrote in the post: “Hate makes this world and people poisonous.” An educated housekeeper who was terminated stole my phone and shared a hateful post about me on social media. The cost of being a public figure! Forgiveness.”

People refused to accept

Despite this post by Namita Thapar, no one believes her. People are saying that if even a husband or child does not know the password to someone’s phone, then how would a housekeeper know it? One user said, “In today’s time, a husband does not know the password of the wife’s mobile phone.” So how about some house help? One said, “Good.” Putting the blame on a poor house helps. “I know it’s hard to accept that your son has spoken the truth.”

Namita Thapar is currently seen in “Shark Tank India 2.” She is the executive director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals. She is very well liked as a judge on the show. Namita invests in a business very thoughtfully, which people like a lot.

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