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Shaktimaan to be recreated as a feature film franchise.

The legendary Shaktiman is poised to return! The studio will team up with Brewing Thoughts Private Limited and Mukesh Khanna’s Bheeshm International to resurrect the magic in the form of a trilogy, with one of India’s biggest stars as the lead.

Sony Pictures International Productions has purchased the film adaptation rights to ‘Shaktimaan,’ India’s most prized superhero IP, in order to remake it as a superhero trilogy for the big screen, starring one of the country’s biggest actors.

Apart from its intriguing Hindi feature slate, the film company has been actively ramping up its production in India, expanding its footprints in Malayalam, Telugu, and, most recently, Tamil. The studio has now teamed up with Brewing Thoughts Private Limited (established by ex-film journalist Prashant Singh and Madhurya Vinay) and actor-producer Mukesh Khanna’s Bheeshm International to begin work on replicating the magic of ‘Shaktimaan,’ but this time for the big screen.

One of the country’s best filmmakers will direct the superhero franchise.

This is also the studio’s first foray into the Indian superhero market, despite the fact that its parent company, Sony Pictures Entertainment, has already dominated it abroad.

The company also intends to enlist the help of its Culver City, Los Angeles headquarters in order to create one of the most unique cinematic experiences ever seen in Indian cinema, utilising cutting-edge filmmaking and post-production technology.

To this day, ‘Shaktimaan’ is India’s most recognisable superhero brand. The studio’s choice to bring back the people’s superhero is likely to heat up the Indian superhero arena, which has the potential to become a worldwide success from India, thanks to its global and established track record in making superhero tent poles that have been unforgettable blockbusters.

By line: Divya Thearia

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