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“Security Officer of Uma Bharti Receives Calls from Pakistan and Dubai, Inquiring About BJP Leader’s Whereabouts”

In a concerning development, a security officer responsible for the safety of former Chief Minister and BJP leader Uma Bharti in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, received alarming phone calls originating from Pakistan and Dubai. These calls, which purportedly sought Bharti’s whereabouts, raised immediate red flags due to their suspicious nature. The callers, claiming affiliation with the crime branch, asserted their need for Bharti’s location under the guise of an interrogation.

Notably, Bharti is under the protective cover of Z plus security, adding gravity to the situation. The security apparatus swiftly sprang into action, with authorities pledging to investigate the matter thoroughly.

According to reports, the caller identities gleaned from Truecaller were traced to individuals named M. Hussain from Pakistan and Abbas from Dubai. Sensing the potential threat, the security inspector promptly relayed all pertinent information, including WhatsApp numbers and caller details, to the Director General of Police and ADG (intelligence). ADG Jaideep Prasad highlighted the gravity of the situation, indicating that such calls are often associated with fraudulent activities.

Detailing the calls, Prasad mentioned that the caller initially fabricated a scenario involving Bharti’s fictitious nephew allegedly implicated in a rape case. However, upon clarification from the security officer that Bharti has no nephew, the caller escalated the allegations in a subsequent call, which the security officer promptly dismissed.

As the investigation unfolds, the involvement of the cyber cell to trace the origin of these calls underscores the seriousness with which authorities are approaching the matter. In light of the potential security threat posed by such communications, a robust response from law enforcement agencies, including the registration of a case by the crime branch, is imperative to safeguard public figures and preempt any untoward incidents.

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Author:- Apoorva Arora

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