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Salman Khan has the most hilarious reaction to rumours of Rs 1,000 crore fee for Bigg Boss 16

By: Divya Thearia

28 September 2022 (New Delhi): Bigg Boss 16 is going to start in a few days. Every year, Bigg Boss comes back on TV with a big bang. In such a situation, the presence of host Salman Khan always becomes a big highlight. For a long time, news was coming about Salman, who had taken a fee of Rs 400 crore for the show, that he was going to take a fee of Rs 1000 crore this time. Now the actor himself has told the truth about this story.

Salman said this on fee

Salman Khan talks about his fees for Bigg Boss 16. The press conference for the show took place on Tuesday. During this, the actor was asked about his fees. Salman Khan was asked whether he is really getting 1000 crores as fees. In response to this, he said, “I will never get this much in life. If I get so much, I will never work. I have a lot of expenses. Like lawyers. Because of these rumours, people with income tax notice me and come to meet me.”

The host was not going to do Bigg Boss 16

There was also news about Salman Khan that he is not hosting Bigg Boss 16. Salman also talked about this. He said, “I sometimes get irritated and tell people that I will not do this show. But such people are compelled to take me on the show. If not me, then who will host it? Although it depends on them. If makers wants, they may not even come to me. I don’t go by myself. But they don’t have the option.”

What is the reason for coming back again and again to Bigg Boss?

Salman Khan was asked at this event what it is like in Bigg Boss that he comes back again and again. To this, he replied, “There is a lot to learn. I get to meet a lot of people. Whenever people go off track, I bring them back on track. I help the troubled and cause even more trouble for the troublemakers.When this show goes on for four months, we too become bonded.”

Salman Khan has been hosting Bigg Boss for a long time. Not only this, Salman Khan has also given work to the contestants of Bigg Boss. Salman Khan is the favourite host of TV lovers and is now ready to rock the small screen once again.

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