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Russia proposes ‘ceasefire’ in Ukraine after 22 Killed

By : Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: People waiting for Ukraine

Russia has declared a “silence mode” and is ready to provide humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of the civilian population from a number of cities, including Kyiv after 22 civilians killed in Sumi and Irpin region.

On Wednesday, Moscow has announced a new humanitarian ceasefire in Ukraine to carry out the evacuation of the civilian population, as the number of refugees created by the biggest assault on a European country since World War Two surpassed two million. Russia said its forces will stop firing from 10 am Moscow time. This comes after civilians fled the besieged city of Sumy yesterday in the first successful “humanitarian corridor” opened since Russia’s invasion.

Earlier on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden termed the package of economic sanctions enforced against Russia “most significant in history.

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