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Pathan Controversy: Boycott Pathaan trends on Twitter after release of SRK, Deepika Padukone’s ‘Besharam Rang’ song

Written & Edited By : Aditi Mishra

16 December 2022 ( New Delhi) : Ever since Shah Rukh Khan announced the film Pathan, the faces of his fans lit up with happiness. After the release of the poster and teaser, King Khan’s fans started .
Seeing the yearning of the fans, the makers of Pathan released the first song of the film, Besharam Rang. Fans went gaga over Shahrukh’s abs and killer look in the song, but Deepika Padukone’s revealing look in monokini is not pleasing to some people. Some people objected to Deepika’s sensuous look in the song Besharam Rang and her intense chemistry with Shahrukh, but the thing that was feared happened, once again Bollywood movie was boycotted.

There is a demand on social media to boycott Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan. Many people are also demanding to ban the film.
Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has warned that if Deepika’s clothes and some scenes in the film are not changed, he will not allow the film to be released in his state.
Mahant Raju Das of Ayodhya appealed to boycott Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’. Not only this, he said, “I appeal to the audience to burn the theaters in which the film Pathan is shown.” Raju Das accused Bollywood and Shahrukh Khan of constantly making fun of Sun Dharma.

But this is not the first time that an actress has worn saffron colored clothes in a film. Earlier, in Raveena Tandon’s Tip Tip Barsa Pani, she was also seen in a saffron colored saree. Raveena had given many intense and romantic scenes with Akshay Kumar in the song, but then did not raise any objection to the color of the clothes or the romantic scenes, then why is there a ruckus over Deepika’s clothes now? This is the question of the fans of Shahrukh and Deepika.

Boycott Pathan is trending on Twitter. Some people are telling Deepika’s revealing bikini and monokini looks against the culture of India. Some users say that the song has been named Besharam Rang by dressing Deepika in saffron colored clothes. This will not be accepted at all. That’s why some people are venting their anger on Shahrukh Khan and Deepika and are demanding to boycott Pathan. Now Shahrukh Khan is surrounded from all sides regarding the song of his film Pathan, the boycott of Pathan film is going on in full swing, in such a situation, Shahrukh Khan’s problems seem to be increasing now. But still he is fully engaged in trying to make the film a hit.

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