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No Fear No Favour

Neha Kakkar gives befitting reply to trolls who targeted her for reacting to Falguni Pathak’s song

By: Divya Thearia

24 September 2022 (New Delhi): Bollywood’s famous singer and ‘Indian Idol 13’ judge Neha Kakkar is getting trolled for her song “Main Payal Hai Chhankai.” Actually, she made a remake of Falguni Pathak’s “Maine Payal Hai Chhankai,” about which she was scolded by social media users as well as Falguni Pathak herself. But after being trolled, Neha Kakkar herself did not miss the opportunity to reply to the people. She shared a long post from his Instagram account and expressed her feeling. Along with this, Neha Kakkar also gave a befitting reply to those trolling and hating her through her Instagram Story.

Neha Kakkar’s reply to trolls

Neha Kakkar wrote in a post shared on her Instagram, “How am I feeling today? There are very few people in this world who I have met even at such a young age. This kind of love, fame, super hit songs, a world tour, and fans ranging in age from 8 to 90. You know why I got all of this? because of my talent, hard work, dedication, and positivity. So today I only want to thank God and also those people who have given me so much in life.”

Neha Kakkar also left no stone unturned to give a befitting reply to the people through her Instagram stories. She wrote on her Instagram story, “And for those who’re soo unhappy seeing me Happy and successful. I feel sorry for them. Bechaare… pls keep commenting. I won’t ever delete them. Coz I know and everybody knows what Neha Kakkar is…!!”

Neha Kakkar did not stop here in replying to the trolls. She further wrote in her Instagram story, “Talking in this tone, badmouthing me, abusing me makes them feel good and they think they will ruin my day. It has to be dealt with. ” This baby girl of God is always happy, because God keeps her happy. “

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