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Munawar Faruqui Reveals His Mother Committed Suicide, Kangana Left in Tears

April 19,2022(New Delhi): On Sunday’s Judgement Day episode of Lock Upp, contestant Munawar Faruqui will be given the opportunity to reveal a secret and save himself from elimination. The comedian quickly pressed the buzzer, as instructed by host Kangana Ranaut, and was asked to reveal a secret about his mother. Munawar’s story made all his co-contestants emotional and even host Kangana can’t help from getting her eyes moist.

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Revealing the deepest and darkest secret of his life Munawar said, “It was the January of 2007. Sometime around 7 am, my grandmother woke me up and said that something has happened to my mother. We had to take her to the hospital. When I reached there, they were bringing my mother out of the emergency ward. She was screaming and I was holding her hand. There was a moment when doctors talked among themselves and told me to leave her hand.”

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He later added “They forced me to do so, I realised my mom had died. I still cannot let that go. I always think things may have been different had I slept with my mom that night, had I reached the hospital earlier. The doctors also told us that my mom had not had anything to eat for eight days. For 22 years of her married life, my mom was not happy. All my life, I saw her being beaten up or saw fights between my parents.”

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Talking about the show and host of the show, Kangana Ranaut show is receiving all shots of limelight ever since it released on OTT platform, the social media platform is always flooded with the tweets, posts and stories about the happenings of the show. Fans keep praising the actress the way she handles the critical situations in the show.

Written by: Manshi Singh

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