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Mukesh Khanna receives backlash from netizens for controversial statement against girls

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Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna is often in the news due to his outspoken statements. Every day they have to face trolling. Mukesh Khanna is once again on the target of the people. In one of his YouTube videos, Mukesh Khanna has given a controversial statement about girls which has become a big issue and the actor is being trolled fiercely.

Picture Credit: Internet

In the clip which is going viral on social media, Mukesh Khanna says – ‘If any girl tells a boy that I want to have sex with you, that girl is not a girl. She is doing business. Because a girl from a civilized society would never do such shameless things. If she does then she does not belong to a civilized society. That is her business. Don’t be a participant in that. That’s why I say avoid such girls.’ There has been a ruckus on this statement of Mukesh Khanna. People are writing sorry Shaktimaan by commenting on social media.

Picture Credit: Internet

Users have misunderstood the words of the actor. People asked Mukesh Khanna, who raised questions on girls – if boys make such a demand, then what will they say? The person wrote – orthodox remains intact. Another writes- When Shaktimaan becomes eccentric in old age and becomes eccentric. Mukesh Khanna runs Bheeshm International channel on YouTube. He has 1.15M subscribers. Sharing this video on YouTube, Mukesh Khanna told what kind of girls they should stay away from. He said that a racket is going on on social media where messages come from the profiles of girls, then they blackmail you by luring you.

Mukesh Khanna told that he also gets such messages on WhatsApp in which it is written that Hi, I have to talk to you. If such girls are present then understand how much our society is falling. Talking about Mukesh Khanna’s workfront, he has not been active in TV shows and films for a long time. He does The Mukesh Khanna Show on the web. He is also its producer. He has done hit shows like Shaktimaan, Vaarish, Vishwamitra, Mahayodha, Chandrakanta.

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