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Meet Shayza, Kerala woman who is proud of her moustache

By: Divya Thearia

Picture Credit: Internet

July 27, 2022 (New Delhi): It is natural for men to have a beard and mustache. Nowadays it has also become a status symbol. People have started having beards and mustaches. Boys who have less growth, they feel embarrassed, but have you ever seen a woman with a mustache or a beard? It may sound strange to hear or read, but Shayza, who hails from Kannur, Kerala, is one such woman who likes to keep a mustache. She has not cut her mustache for the last five years and proudly flaunts her mustache.

35-year-old Shayza had to be the object of mockery for having a mustache. People looked at her with an inferiority complex, even kept a distance from her. Despite this, she did not give up and kept a mustache. Now people have started liking and adopting Shayza in this form.

Picture Credit: Internet

Shayza says that like ordinary women, they also used to have hair in their upper lip, but its growth was more in them. For this she had to do threading regularly. However, five years ago she felt the hair of her mustache thickening, after which she decided to keep the mustache. Shayza says that she has not cut her mustache hair for the last five years. She says that many people asked me to cut mustache, but she decided not to cut it. She says I never felt that I am not beautiful.

Picture Credit: Internet

People’s taunts, but family support
Shayza says that she had to listen to people’s taunts, but it did not affect her. In fact, she got a lot of support from her family and daughter. She says that my daughter often tells me that the mustache looks good on her. Actually, Shayza has had six surgeries due to different ailments. She used to say “Every time I thought that after this I would not have any problem,” but every time going to the hospital, she got confidence and decided that life should be lived as it is.

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