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No Fear No Favour

Know the brief synopsis of Gangster Vikas Dubey who martyred 8 police officials in Kanpur.

The story of 55-year-old Vikas Dubey is a typical story in Hindi films, like a young man who becomes a king in the world of crime by committing a minor crime. Experts say that late in the 90s, under the mentorship of strong leader of Kanpur and former Speaker of the Assembly late Harikishan Srivastava Vikas formed a Bullet Gang.

The youngsters, who were carrying bullets openly on a bullet bike, committed minor crimes and spread their legs in Chaubepur, Shivli, and Bilhaur. The experiment was successful and Vikas became the head.

In 1992, Vikas killed a Dalit man in the village. With the blessings of Srivastava, not even his hair was deterred. Vikas worked hard in elections for Srivastava’s victory. Harikishan used to contest from Chaubepur. Development in Brahman vote bank in Bithoor and Chaubepur led Vikas to project himself as a believable candidate for Brahman’s to trust upon and this simultaneously benefitted Harikishan.

It was only in the 90s, when many new faces were clawing at the political plank of Kanpur, at that time, leaders associated with the BSP like Rajaram Pal and Bhagwati Sagar befriended Vikas. The friendship was thick and development also paid the duty of friendship on several occasions.

Rajaram is now in the Congress and Bhagwati Sagar in the BJP. At that time, after several cases of robbery and murder in Kanpur, the police had prepared the background of Vikas’s encounter, but the leaders surrounded Vikas with friends of Vikas and saved him. Many leaders sat on a dharna in support of him. Development was constantly getting the patronage of the leaders and work like looting of trucks in goods trucks had become very easy for him.

Under the patronage of the leaders, looted goods like potato and oil tin were distributed in Bikaru village. This was the reason that to date no person of Bikaru village has opposed Vikas by direct or indirect means.

People even say that in the murder of the then Minister of State Santosh Shukla in the Shivli police station in 2001, he got full patronage of many incumbents. After the murder of Santosh Shukla, when Harikishan Srivastava reached the police station, he was horrified to see the dead body. After this incident, the then minister Premlata Katiyar was accused of patronizing Vikas, but Katiyar always denied this.

In the late nineties, Vikas beat him up in a room when he quarreled with Abdul Samad, a DSP in Kanpur. Vikas’s mother had rescued the DSP by asking her not to take enmity with the policemen.

Apart from besieging the Kalyanpur police station, 2-3 occasions came again when the police came close to the development encounter, but new tactics were saved. Former MLA Anil Shukla Warsi also helped a lot. Experts say that the growth of accustomed to profiteering by purchasing disputed land has made him dear to every powerful leader in the last 30 years.

In the present government too, the discussions with its ministers and MPs are common. But nobody is ready to say anything openly.

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