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Kangana Ranaut slams reports about Brahmastra’s box office success; brutally trolls Karan Johar


20 September 2022 (New Delhi): Kangana Ranaut has taken fresh potshots at Karan Johar and Brahmastra over the film’s box office collections. The Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt starrer has been doing good post-pandemic business since its release. The film has already collected over Rs 350 crore gross worldwide and is still running in theatres. There were a few reports claiming that the film has beaten The Kashmir Files’ box office collections.

Kangana Ranaut slams Karan Johar

Kangana Ranaut has now shared on social media, “Kashmir Files a film made on Hindus genocide also trying to ride on its success, Kashmir Files was made in 10 cr…. and now according to mafia minions Karan Johar film has beaten it brutally… Karan Johar ji aap kya cheeze ho yaar (sic).” When the reports of The Kashmir Files being beaten by Brahmastra did the rounds, Vivek Agnihotri took a jibe saying he was unaware of how they managed to do it. He said he did not care as he was not in that dumb race as he tweeted “Hahahaha. I don’t know how did they beat #TheKashmirFiles… with sticks, rods, hockey… or AK47 or stones…. Or with paid PR and influencers? Let Bollywood films compete with each other. Leave us alone. I am not in that dumb race. Thanks.”

Let us tell you that, on Monday, Vivek had shared screenshots of reports claiming Brahmastra has beaten The Kashmir Files’ box office collection

Budget of Brahmastra

At the end of the day, it is true that the makers of The Kashmir Files recovered a lot more money than they had spent on making the film. According to Times Of India, they had a budget of Rs 15−25 crores, while the film’s earnings were about Rs 340.16 crores. 

The budget of Brahmāstra, however, remains a matter of speculation, with conflicting reports suggesting different figures ranging from Rs 450 crores per Times Now, to Rs 600 crores per Kangana. However, according to other reports, Rs 200 crores in terms of net domestic collection, and the worldwide sales are around Rs 350 crores. 

While the earnings of the film are pretty high, given that it’s not even been two weeks since its release, it’s also true that since it was an expensive film, the producers will have to recover a lot of money. 

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