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Kangana Ranaut slams Alia Bhatt for her controversial bridal add; says stop manipulating naive customers.

Kangana Ranaut slams Alia Bhatt for her controversial bridal add; says stop manipulating naive customers.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut slams at Alia Bhatt for her recent bridal advertisement which was released on Saturday by Manyavar and became hottest topic for debate on Internet as it questions Hindu rituals for women .

Giving reaction to this particular advertisement Kangana wrote instagram post saying “ Humble request to all brands…don’t use religion, minority, majority, religious politics to sell things ….stop manipulating naïve customers with shrewd divisive concepts and advertising…”

The Queen actress further adds “ The way society looks at the concept of renunciation shows it’s core value system…when they start look down upon very idea of Kanyadaan then you know that it is the time of further reestablishment of Ram Rajya…The king who renounced everything he ever loved only to live the life of monk, ”she wrote tagging Alia Bhatt and others in the post.

In this advertisement Alia Bhatt is shown to be seated with her bridegroom in Mandap where she questions her place in family as she asks in her monologue “Am I a thing to be donated? Why only Kanyadaan? ”she questions the conventional beliefs of Kanyadaan , a Hindu ritual in which a daughter is given away to her husband.

But in this advertisement not only bride’s hand is given away to her husband by all her family members but her mother -in – law and father-in-law gives their son’s hand to her. In the end of add both couple smiled and gave the message of Kanyamaan which replaces the concept of Kanyadaan to Kanyamaan, which means to respect brides.
However some people are in support in this new idea of Kanyamaan which questions the conventional beliefs of Hindu society and asks people to respect brides.

But this particular advertisement faced a lot of criticism as some people regard it as disrespecting Hindu rituals and customs and titled this add as ‘anti -hindu add ’. And Kangana echos not play with people’s sentiment.

Questioning about orthodox beliefs of a particular religion does it disrespects the religion? What do you guys think about it write in the comment section below.

By Line: Divya Thearia

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