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Justin Bieber is diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which causes facial paralysis

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June 11, 2022 (New Delhi): Hollywood’s famous singer and global icon Justin Bieber has recently become a victim of illness. This came to light when he canceled all his shows; After this a lot of displeasure was seen among his fans. After which Justin Bieber has posted a video on Instagram revealing the reason behind it.

In which he has told that he is battling a disease named Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Due to this disease, half of his face is paralyzed. This disease is also known as RHS. Let us know about this disease in detail-

Picture Credit: Internet

In the video, Justin has told that due to being paralyzed, a part of his face is not working. He is unable to blink his eyes. The singer also told fans that he is canceling shows for his upcoming concerts and is taking a few days off so that he can rest.

It is a rare neurological disease. In this, painful rashes appear around the ears, on the face or on the mouth. Ramsay Hunt syndrome occurs when shingles or a rash affects the facial nerves near the ear. This condition is caused by a virus called herpes zoster oticus. The common varicella-zoster virus also causes chicken pox, which is most common in children. This can also lead to serious problems of deafness in the ear.

Picture Credit: Internet

The rash and paralysis usually occur together when this syndrome occurs. Sometimes it happens before and after each other. If you have pain or ringing in your ear. Difficulty closing one eye. Getting dizzy. Symptoms may include changes in taste in the mouth, dry mouth and dry eyes. In this situation contact your doctor.

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