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Jaya Bachchan Doesn’t Mind Her Granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda Having A Child Out Of Wedlock

By: Divya Thearia

29 October 2022 (New Delhi): Bollywood veteran Jaya Bachchan shares a special bond with her granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda. Jaya often expresses her opinion about Navya. Now, Jaya Bachchan has given some such relationship advice to her granddaughter, which is being discussed a lot. What did Jaya Bachchan say after all? Let’s see.

What did Jaya Bachchan say about physical relations?

Jaya Bachchan gave bold relationship advice while talking to her granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda on her podcast, What The Hell Navya? Jaya Bachchan said that physical attraction is very important for any relationship to last long. Jaya also said that she could not experiment during her time.

Jaya Bachchan has said that it is necessary to have a physical relationship in a relationship. Jayal said that no relationship works only on love, fresh air, and adjustment. Jaya Bachchan also said that if Navya Naveli becomes a mother without getting married, then she will not have any problem with it. 
Giving her opinion on the relationship, Jaya Bachchan said, “Many people will object to me saying this, but both physical attraction and compatibility are very important. We could not experiment in our time, but today’s generation does, and why not? If there is no physical relationship, then no relationship will last long. You cannot run a relationship on only love, fresh air, and adjustment. I believe this is very important.

 Jaya said this on the relationships of the young generation

Jaya said- We could never do this. We couldn’t even think about it. But even after me the younger generation, Shweta’s generation, Navya’s generation are different. Jaya Bachchan also gave relationship advice to the younger generation. He said- There is a lack of emotions and romance in today’s relationship. I think you should marry your best friend. You should be good friends. You should discuss this with your friends. If you like a friend, then you should tell them – ‘I would like both of us to have a baby, because I like you. I think you are fine, so let’s get married, because that’s what the society says. I will have no problem if we have a child even without marriage.

 Jaya Bachchan shares her opinion about the relationship with granddaughter Navya and daughter Shweta Bachchan. It is not known how much Navya follows these advice of Nani, but such a bold thinking about Jaya Bachchan’s relationship remains in the discussion. How much do you agree with Jaya Bachchan’s words?

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