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It’s been 19 years-“Aisa kya gunah kiya”

The movie “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam”, completes 20 years of its beautiful existence.The movie is a milestone in the history of Indian Cinema.

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam is a 1999 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film, which is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It was released at an international level. The film has Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn, as its prominent actors.

The film has been adapted loosely from ” Maitreyi Devi’s Bengali novel “Na Hanyate” and is based on the concept of love triangle.

It was filmed throughout the Gujarat-Rajasthan border region, in addition to Budapest, Hungary, which was used to represent Italy. The film was premiered in the Indian Panorama section at the 1999 International Film Festival of India. It was remade in Bengali as Neel Akasher Chandni in 2009, with Jeet reprising Salman Khan’s role, Jisshu Sengupta reprising Ajay Devgn’s role, and Koel Mallick reprising Aishwarya Rai’s role.

As far as the storyline is concerned, Nandini (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) is the daughter of Pundit Darbar (Vikram Gokhale), a renowned proponent of Indian classical music. It is announced that a young man named Sameer (Salman Khan) will be arriving to stay with the Darbar family, as he wants to grasp the intricacies of Indian classical music under the guidance of the Pundit. He is accommodated in Nandini’s room, causing her to take a dislike to Sameer. At first the two tease and prank one another, but soon enough they fall deeply in love. The two spend romantic moments during several family events, including weddings and festivals.

One day, the pair are caught rehearsing their wedding vows by the Pundit and he is enraged since he has already planned Nandini’s wedding with Vanraj (Ajay Devgn), who had fallen in love with her during her cousin Anu’s (Sheeba Chaddha) wedding. Sameer is banished from the household and the Pundit quits singing since he believes Nandini has brought shame to the family. Sameer is asked never to meet Nandini again. Although he eventually leaves for Italy, he writes letters to Nandini asking her to join him, but his letters do not reach her. After a futile suicide attempt, Nandini reluctantly weds Vanraj. He tries to consummate their marriage on their wedding night, but Nandini is disgusted by his approach and acts coldly towards him. He asks her for an explanation but she chooses to remain silent.

Nandini finally receives Sameer’s letters and Vanraj walks in on her reading them. He is enraged and initially decides to return her to her parents, but soon realizes that since she is in love with another man, the right thing to do would be to unite the pair. Vanraj seeks his parents’ consent, which they give after disagreeing at first. Nandini and Vanraj arrive in Italy but come up against dead ends searching for Sameer. During their search, they are mobbed and Nandini is shot in the arm. Moved by Vanraj’s gentleness and affection towards her, Nandini begins to warm up to him. Eventually, they are able to locate Sameer through his mother (Helen), and Vanraj dutifully arranges for their meeting on the night of Sameer’s debut concert. He then bids goodbye to Nandini and walks away heartbroken.

Upon meeting Sameer, she apologises to him and tells him that she has come to love Vanraj. She reflects on the unwavering love and devotion that Vanraj has showered upon her throughout their relationship, and realises that Vanraj is her true soul mate. Sameer realizes that she doesn’t have that love for him which he saw in her long back. Heartbroken, Sameer lets her go back to Vanraj which she readily accepts and Sameer breaks down after she leaves and his mother consoles him. She runs back to him and he tells her that he cannot live without her. Vanraj adorns a mangala sutra around her neck and they embrace each other with fireworks in the background.

The film has won three national awards, nine filmfare and elevan IIFA awards. The music director, Ismail Darbar gets national award for music direction, as he has worked on the music of the film for two years.

In the garba song Dholi Taro, to light-up the acrylic floor Nitin Desai, the art-director, used marigold flowers for the purpose. The flowers that are traditionally offered in temples were placed under the acrylic sheets, which lightened the floor and the whole set portrayed glamorously. While the song was shot, the floor looked phenomenal and commendable with an orange background and nobody could point that it was sparkling due to the marigold flowers and not the lighting.

Salman Khan, who plays Sameer in the movie, is shown to have a peculiar instict of talking to his dead father while observing at the sky. It is said that even director Bhansali also used to talk to his father during his childhood, as he was deeply attached to him.

People on twitter are calling it “the biggest romantic film” and “unforgettable romantic masterpiece.”

As far as the latest news is concerened, Sanjay Leela Bhansali aims to reunite with Salman Khan, as Prerna Singh, CEO of Bhansali Productions, said “Yes, Salman Khan and Sanjay Leela Bhansali are reuniting after 19 years for a love story. Their collaboration is the best thing that can happen in terms of story-telling.”

We are looking forward to experience the magic once again.

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