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IIT Kanpur alumni Sandeep Patil’s mask invention is the new internet sensation even PM Modi likes it!

By Line: Ishank Katyal

Ayodhya: The Bhumi Pujan of Ram Temple in Ayodhya which happened on 5th August 2020. While many devotees got to witness this historic event, there were some safety measures were followed too to avoid the spread of COVID-19, from maintaining social distancing to wearing masks.

But very few people noticed the face mask which our Prime Minister Narendra Modi wore on this golden occasion is designed by an IIT Kanpur alumni Sandeep Patil who is a chemical engineer.

On being asked about his feelings after he got to know that PM Modi is using his mask, Sandeep told NLC that, ‘It was a very exciting moment for me. I was working in my office and someone told me “Look! PM Modi is wearing your mask!”, so yeah, it was a quite exciting moment.

The name of the mask is Swasa which was developed by Sandeep in 2019 before the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world. This is the first mask that protects us from getting in contact with any kind of bacteria and virus. Not only that, but it also protects us from organic molecules which is equally harmful to our body by contaminating them. It is a four-layer mask which has a very high breathing quality with two filtration technique, first is the surface filtration technique and second is static charge technique filtration. Although its a washable mask but the company still recommends the proper sanitization with a sanitizer spray before reuse.

Apart from this, Sandeep Patil is also working on a self-cleaning mask. This mask will contain nanoparticles that will react and perform catalytic reactions and self-clean after getting exposed to the sunlight. Thus, contaminating all the unwanted particles.

Talking about the price, unlike the N-95 mask, Swasa mask will be affordable and cheap in cost i.e. 60-80 bucks (depending on the climate of the region) and soon will be available on shopping websites like Flipkart and Swasa’s own b2c website i.e.

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