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Here’s why Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend Jennifer Gwynne auctioned her private photos with Elon

By: Divya Thearia

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23 August, 2022 (New Delhi): Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and owner of Tesla Company, always remains in the headlines for his personal and social life. Many people are inquisitive to kno about his girlfriends. So we have brought some news for you in which we will talk about what Elon Musk used to do during his college days, how he lived, what he used to think, his ex girlfriend from his college days.

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Who was Jennifer Gwynne ?

In fact, Jennifer Gwynne, Elon Musk’s college girlfriend, has put several private photos of herself and Elon Musk on auction to raise the tuition fees for her stepson’s college. According to the report, Elon Musk and Jennifer used to date each other in 1994. They were dear to each other. In 1994, both studied at the University of Pennsylvania but unfortunately, their love relationship couldn’t be long lasting.

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Jennifer and Musk’s love was flourishing during their college days. College friends often talked about their love. Jennifer tells that, there are many pictures of Elon Musk and him which were taken during college days. Those days were also beautiful, Elon Musk gave many gifts to Jennifer. As a gift, Elon gave Jennifer his signed birthday card, a precious gold necklace and many other expensive items.

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Musk was very famous in college

Musk’s ex Jennifer tells that, Musk and her love story took place between 1994-1995. Their love blossomed when they both lived and worked as Resident Advisors (RAs) in the ‘Spruce Street’ part of the Quadrangle Dorm at the University of Pennsylvania. During this time these two young couples were very famous in college.

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Auction of photos

Elon Musk’s college girlfriend further explains that both of them took many pictures together as memories. Most of these pictures were taken in her hostel room. Gwynne told about a picture that, in this picture, Elon Musk is seen laughing lying on the floor, his feet above the table. She told that, Elon Musk used to ask me to laugh while posing for the picture. That’s why in most of my pictures with Musk, I am seen laughing.

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Musk stuck after withdrawing from Twitter deal

Let us tell you that, Elon Musk, the world’s richest person, who is again making media headlines for doing the Twitter deal and later backing out, is getting caught in legal trouble. Twitter has leveled several allegations against him in a Delaware court in the US for unilateral violation of the agreement. Elon Musk has sought help from the company’s former CEO Jack Dorsey after finding himself caught in a legal battle with Twitter. Therefore, the US court has summoned Dorsey to testify by sending a summons to the court.

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