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Happy Birthday Anil Kapoor: The 65-year-old actor is an inspiration for many youngsters.

Written By Shivangi Chawla

Today on 24th December, one of the finest and fittest Anil Kapoor is celebrating his 65th birthday. The actor, who redefines fitness, continues to rule in Bollywood. One of the busiest actors of his generation. He is still an inspiration for many youngsters for his fitness. Many young actors fail in front of their looks, fitness, and acting skills.

Anil has given his 40 years in the industry but it has not affected his hunger to acquire more. In his own words, the actor lives by the values inculcated in him by his father, “loyalty, honesty, humility, empathy.” However, whenever he is asked about what actually keeps him going, he says in humor that it’s his wife Sunita who has always motivated him to go to work.

Anil and Sunita had tied the knot in 1984 after 10 years of courtship. When they got married she was a model and the daughter of a banker, Anil was a struggling actor at that time. Though she didn’t care about his bank balance, he very well knew he needed to reach a certain point in his career in order to afford a life with her.

Elaborating on how a cook was a mandatory requirement in their household, Anil had written in the post, “She was always clear that she won’t enter the kitchen. If I said ‘cook’ I’d get a kick! I knew I needed to become something before asking her to marry me. I went through the struggle of not getting work, but she supported me unconditionally. So when I got my first break, ‘Meri Jung’ I thought, now the house will come, the kitchen will come, help will come. I can get married! So I called Sunita & said, ‘Let’s get married tomorrow–it’s tomorrow or never’ & the next day, we were married.”

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