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Gadar 2: After Hand-Pump, Sunny Deol Now Lifts A Giant Wheel In The Sequel

4th January 2022 (New Delhi): The moment everyone was waiting for has arrived. Sunny Deol’s first look from the upcoming film Gadar 2 has been revealed. Believe me, seeing this powerful look of Sunny Paaji will make your day. There is still a lot of time until the release of the film Gadar 2, but before that, the first look of the actor is going to be a big treat for the fans. In 2001, Sunny Deol lifted a hand pump weighing two and a half kilos. Now the actor has taken the wheel of the bullock cart.

How did Sunny Deol’s look come to light?

Zee Studio has shared a reel video on Instagram. A glimpse of the big projects to be released in 2023 has been shown. A glimpse of Ajay Devgan’s Maidan, Salman Khan’s Bhaijaan, Sonu Sood’s Fateh, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s bone is seen in this 50-second video. There are clips from many other projects. But the most special of all was the look of Tara Singh of Gadar. At the end, a very powerful glimpse of Sunny Deol is seen, in which he appears in full action form.

Sunny Deol’s look went viral.

Sunny Deol is seen lifting the wheel of a heavy bullock cart in this scene. He has the same aggression on his face that the world is crazy about. This is such a great frame of this reel video that users are watching it again and again. With Sunny Deol, there is no place for the happiness of the fans. Sunny Deol remains a hot topic among fans on social media.

Gadar 2 in trend

#Gadar2 is trending on Twitter. Fans are sharing glimpses of Sunny Deol. User wrote: “Blockbuster is loading.” Sunny Deol’s fearless style on screen is being very well received. His heroic entry has won the hearts of the fans. With the return of Sunny Paaji, the fans have already declared the film a blockbuster.
The film Gadar came out in 2001. This movie was one of the super hits of that year. Now the sequel to Gadar is going to come very soon. The lead actors have not changed. Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel are the main leads. After years, the fans will get to see the pair of Sunny and Ameesha on the silver screen. In Gadar 2, the story after the first party will be shown. The story will revolve around Tara Singh and his wife, Sakina. Gadar 2 is being directed by Anil Sharma only. The film may be released in the middle of this year.

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