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From Vikram Bhatt, Randeep Hooda to Rohman Shawl, Modi finally stole the heart of Miss Universe

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July 15, 2022 (New Delhi): Sushmita Sen is married. Yes, it seems so if we consider the first post of Lalit Modi. But he immediately rectified this mistake and said that both of them are only dating each other right now. But will soon get married too. This information was shared by sharing some photos on his Twitter handle.

Sushmita Sen is said to be a wonder woman who does not need any man to support her in life. Sushmita adopted two daughters without getting married, for which she has always been praised. But on the other hand, Sushmita’s affairs have also created a lot of discussion. The life of the actress has been like an open book, always along with her good deeds, discussions about her affair with someone have also been common. Let us tell you who the actress has dated before Lalit Modi. The names of married people are also included in this affair list of Sushmita.

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Lalit Modi

First of all, know what the former IPL chairman and fugitive Lalit Modi disclosed while sharing pictures with Sushmita. He wrote on social media about dating Sushmita Sen that, after Maldives and Sardia, just returned to London. My better half is Sushmita Sen too. Our new journey is about to begin. After this, in the next tweet, he clarified that I have not married Sushmita yet, just dating.

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Vikram Bhatt

Born on 19 November 1975 in Hyderabad, Sushmita Sen started her career after winning the Miss Universe title in the year 1994. His first film was Dastak. This film was directed by Vikram Bhatt. Sushmita and Vikram Bhatt first met during this film. After this the news of love between the two became common. At the same time, being fed up with these reports, Aditi, wife of Vikram Bhatt, divorced her husband in the year 1998. On the other hand, Sushmita and Vikram Bhatt also broke up after some time.

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Sanjay Narang

Sushmita Sen’s name was also associated with hotel businessman Sanjay Narang. Both were seen together many times. But Sushmita Sen never made her love public. Seeing this, it came to light that both of them have separated.

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Randeep Hooda

Yes, Randeep Hooda’s name is also included in Sushmita Sen’s love life. Randeep and Sushmita met on the sets of Karma and Holi. The meeting between the two increased and then the news of their closeness had become common. It is said that both of them dated each other for about 3 years and then this relationship broke up.

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Anil Ambani

In the media corridors, a lot of gossips about celebs are often served with chatter. There was a time when Sushmita Sen’s name was associated with Anil Ambani. It was said that both are dating each other but both have always denied it.

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Rohman Shawl

The news of the affair between Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl made a lot of headlines. Rohman is 15 years younger than Sushmita in age, although both of them recently broke up. Rohman and Sushmita’s affair started from the year 2018 and lasted till 2021. It is believed that Rohman was Sushmita’s 11th boyfriend.

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Wasim Akram

There is a discussion about Sushmita Sen dating in the media corridors that the heart of the actress had come to Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram. Cricket or entertainment, this news used to make a lot of headlines in both the worlds. It was said that Wasim and Sushmita Sen had started falling in love with each other so much that both were about to get married, but then there was some problem in their life and both of them separated. But when Sushmita was questioned about it, she called it a rumour.

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Hrithik Bhasin

Sushmita Sen’s name was associated with businessman Hrithik Bhasin when both were seen holding each other’s hands. This romance of both is not hidden from anyone even in the public place. It is said that both of them dated each other for about 4 years and then the news of their separation started coming out.

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