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No Fear No Favour


Imraan khan is widely known for his stylish play and fearless play boy image. He started cricket at the age of 18 but started “playing” when he was 42. In the past 23 years, he has married thrice. It is hard to believe that there is a whole generation that knew Khan as the eternal bachelor, the pre-George Clooney. In his youth, he dated several women around the world, including Bollywood stars and at least one from Hollywood (Goldie Hawn, reportedly).

“Why did you play Richard Had lee on the backfoot?” Imran Khan asked Sanjay Manjrekar many years ago, when both were active players. Khan suggested playing on the front foot would have been a better option. On the morning of 26 july this front foot player is on the verge of becoming  the prime minister of a nuclear nation.


“The playboy image is exaggerated, but I’m not a saint either,” he once said of his carefree days. The one serious relationship he had in this phase was with Emma Sergeant, an English painter. But it did not culminate in marriage.

Imran’s victory speech after winning the World Cup became a part of controversy as all he spoke about was his off-field motivation, the cancer hospital that he wanted to build, and not about the win. He didn’t even thank or congratulate his team-mates for the win. He built the first ever cancer hospital in Pakistan later. Imran Khan became the first Asian to address World Economic Forum without being the part of government. Now, he is on the verge of registering his names as a historical human Pakistan has produced, it’s a tale of style, courage and authenticity as Pakistan welcomes their new Prime Minister.


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