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Falguni Pathak Says “Wish I Could Take Legal Action” In Response To Neha Kakkar’s Remake Of Maine Payal Hai

By: Divya Thearia

25 September 2022 (New Delhi): The controversy surrounding Neha Kakkar’s new single ‘O Sajna’ is not going away. Singer Falguni Pathak has now reacted to this song, which was released earlier this week. Ever since the release of the song, the audience has been criticising this song and Neha for “ruining” the original song. In a new interview, Falguni Pathak has said that the innocence of the song has been ruined and said that she was “almost vomiting” when she heard the new version for the first time.

Falguni Pathak now reacts to Neha’s song.

“O Sajna” featured Neha in the music video along with Dhanshree Verma and Priyank Sharma. Apart from Jani in this song, the hook line has been taken from the original song. The new version has been composed by Tanishk Bagchi, who is known for his Bollywood remixes. Falguni had shared several social media posts condemning the song and slamming Neha.

I just had to vomit—Falguni Pathak 

While talking to a Lead online portal, Falguni Pathak gave her first reaction as soon as she heard the song. She said that she came to know about the remixed version three or four days ago. The first reaction was not good. I was like, “I was just about to vomit.”

The innocence of the original has been ruined

According to the singer, the song has ruined the innocence of the original. She said, “The innocence that was there in the video and picturization has been completely destroyed in this song. Remixes are happening, but do it in a good way. If you want to reach the younger generation, change the tempo of the song, but don’t make it cheap. Do not change the originality of the song. I don’t think I need to do anything. My fans are taking action against the song. I am just sharing stories. Why should I keep quiet when they are supporting me? How can I keep quiet?”

Falguni expressed regret for the unhappy people

In an earlier interview with a leading online portal, Falguni Pathak said ” I would have taken legal action against Neha, but I am unable to do so. I wish I could, but I don’t have the right.” Meanwhile, Neha commented on those trolling her by sharing several posts on Instagram on Saturday. Without mentioning the controversy herself, she said she was “sorry” to those unhappy with his happiness and said she was “so blessed to have had a bad day”.

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