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Delhi Pollution: Uggghhh!! How people are running and riding outside in Delhi- NCR while one can’t even stand outside for long without coughing?

By Ishank Katyal

Delhi NCR: Fitness is indeed one of the most important things to be taken care of. There is no point of living life if you can’t give 20 minutes from the day to your body. Its been almost three months since gyms have been reopened in Delhi and many people who have been working out in their homes without proper equipment due to Coronavirus outbreak can now continue to enjoy the gym facilities.

But if we talk about the level of air quality which badly drops every year due to crop burning in the neighbouring states like Punjab and Haryana in the month of October- November, people of Delhi- NCR barely dare to step out of their house due to smog, and in 2020, the situation has become worse since the coronavirus pandemic as both air pollution and the virus can be hazardous to your breathing abilities.

However, some people still manage to run, work out and play outdoors without any fear of the virus and the poor air quality while some other group of people are barely able to stand outside for long time. Maybe it is because of lack of immunity and stamina which differs them from the ones who exercise outside. But that doesn’t mean they won’t get affected by the poor atmosphere.

With habits like smoking and drinking, people become more likely to affect themselves from this filthy air in the capital.


Although state government is working towards to control the air quality but we as the citizen of Delhi- NCR, its our duty too to take safety measures to prevent ourselves from the smog as well as this deadly virus.

  1. From wearing masks to washing hands at regular intervals, these are the basic precautions which we are advised to follow from last seven months.
  2. Avoid exercising near high traffic areas.
  3. Encourage your child’s school to reduce exposure to school bus emission.
  4. Check daily pollution forecasts in your area.
  5. Prefer to use public transports as much as you can rather than your personal vehicle.

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