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DDLJ Completes 25 years on silver screen: Here are some interesting facts of this cult classic romance!!

By Ishank Katyal

One of the iconic films of Indian Cinema ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ finally completes its silver jubilee in Maratha Mandir, Mumbai. The Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer has made us laugh, cry and last but not the least, made us fall in love with them.

On the occasion of this silver jubilee, Shah Rukh Khan changed his profile picture on social media with his look of his character in the film and also changed his username in Twitter to ‘Raj Malhotra’.

Moreover, the King Khan has also posted a video which is the collections of the iconic scenes of the film with the caption saying: “25 years, filled with gratitude towards you for loving Raj & Simran, with all your heart. This always feels special. #DDLJ25  @yrf.”

So here are some of the amazing facts about this iconic film:

`1. SRK was not the first choice.

Director Aditya Chopra wanted to cast the Hollywood star Tom Cruise to play the character of Raj as he wanted it to be an inter- culture love story, but producer Yash Chopra wasn’t much excited about this.

After that, Saif Ali Khan was offered this role but he declined. Finally, Shah Rukh Khan signed this film but after a lot of convincing by Aditya Chopra due to the fear of SRK of getting typecast as a chocolate boy.

2. Title:

The title “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” was not suggested by any scriptwriter or anyone from the production team but none other than actress Kirron Kher.

3. The bronze statue:

This year, a bronze statue of SRK and Kajol has been unveiled at London’s Leicester Square, the location where the characters ‘Raj’ and ‘Simran’ meet in the film’.

4. The song ‘Mehendi Laga ke Rakhna’ was made for another film.

This iconic song was not initially meant for DDLJ but it was made for another YRF film.

5. The Jacket:

The iconic black leather jacket SRK wore in the film was bought by Aditya Chopra’s brother Uday Chopra from California for $400 from Harley Davidson store which remains one of the actor’s memorable props from the movie.

6. Several iconic scenes were inspired by Hollywood films:

The epic “palat” scene was inspired by 1993 Hollywood film In The Line of Fire, and the scene where Raj helps a woman to choose her sari took inspiration from Witness For The Prosecution (1957).

7. Aditya Chopra completed the script in just a month!

Karan Johar once claimed that Aditya Chopra completed the scriptwriting of the film in one month as he had the clear vision of the movie from the get- go.

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