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Couple Who Went Viral for Traditional Indian Wedding Now Expecting Their First Child…

Written & Edited By : Aditi Mishra

9 January 2022 (New Delhi ) : Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju took the internet by storm with pictures from their grand Hindu wedding held in New Jersey, US in 2019. Now expecting their first child in May. People Magazine adorable couple’s parenthood shoot on Instagram posted pictures.
Talking to People, the couple said, ‘Right now only five or six people go. I think culturally – as do many other cultures. You don’t want to spoil anything. You just keep it under wraps and just wait and be patient.

We met three years ago at a tiny Lower East Side bar for a friend’s birthday. Since that night, we’ve been together, even though we have completely different personalities, thanks to our similar interests. Thank you, we hit it off immediately. Aditya is extremely creative. It was very important for me to be in the performing arts. I wanted a partner who was passionate,” Shah was quoted as saying by Vogue in 2020.

After being in love for a year, they came back to their parents. The couple excelled in their Hindu-style fairytale wedding wearing gorgeous matching outfits did.

Aditya revealed that the couple had expressed their desire to be parents from the very beginning. “The funny part is that the concept of marriage and kids was something we discussed on our first date. Normally, it’s a red flag where people say ‘Okay, bye,’ but I think we stayed together because of that discussion,” she told People magazine.

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