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CHINA and US relations to get worst, igniting the “FLAME OF WAR”?

By Vanshika Thakur

A new cold war between the US and China is heating up, but American public intellectuals are more interested in arguing over whether to term this conflict a “new cold war.”

Recent weeks have seen U.S.-China relations fall into a lowest point. On May 15, over the COVID-19 pandemic which originated in Wuhan, President Donald Trump threatened to “cut off the entire relationship” with China. He had previously called the coronavirus “Chinese virus” and threatened to claim China’s compensation for the damage done by the outbreak.

The US placed “visa limits on the Chinese journalists working in the country” earlier this month, restricting their working time to 90 days. President Trump last week extended a ban on U.S. companies from using telecom equipment made by “companies posing national security risks” for another year.

Meanwhile, where the world is raising eyebrows at the mass protest due to racial discrimination going on in US, China is watching it with special interest. The protests have been widely covered by Chinese state media, highlighting the chaotic scenes and alleged police brutality in America to claim China enjoys greater social stability.

Moreover there was a tension rising in between these two economic giants due to barring of international flights of each other’s country. US threatened China to allow US airline resume service from Beijing Airport otherwise it would bar Chinese airlines from US.

Most recently, the situation escalated after China proposed a new security law for Hong Kong.

The one on one retaliation between China and USA is a never ending topic which is heating up the “flame of war”.Things could get uglier as other countries get dragged into the conflict, analysts warn.

China has backtracked. Foreign minister Wang Yi charged “U. S. pushing the two countries” to the edge of the so-called new cold war.

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