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Bigg Boss 12 Contestant Jasleen’s Father on Her Affair With Anup Jalota

Bhajan singer Anup Jalota, 65 and his disciple Jasleen Matharu, 28, came out in open with their relationship on the grand premiere of Bigg Boss 12, shocking not only the viewers, but also their families who did not have any clue about what’s cooking between the two.

Jasleen’s father Kesar Matharu who knew Anup ji personally introduced him to his daughter so that she could improve her singing skills. But he never had an inkling that the two were dating for the past three and a half years. In an exclusive conversation with Aaj Tak, he said that he will never approve of the relationship and his family and friends are equally shocked and upset with the revelation.

Did you know about your daughter Jasleen and Anup Jalota’s relationship? They announced it on national television before they entered the Bigg Boss 12 house.

I had no clue about this. I was told they were entering as guru-shishya jodi. She never told me about this. When they made the announcement, my entire family couldn’t believe their eyes. We all got very angry. Within ten minutes, I started getting calls from friends. My wife (who was watching the show) got up and went inside. It was very unexpected.

Did you know Anup ji from before?
Yes, I did. In fact, I introduced Anup ji to my family and Jasleen. I wanted Jasleen to improve on her singing skills, that’s why I introduced her to him. Uske baad aana-jaana hota raha.

When did you exactly introduce Jasleen to Anup ji?
3-4 years back.

Jasleen has said on the show that she’s dating Anup ji for 3.5 years. Could you ever sense they were more than guru-shishya?
No. That’s why I am shocked. He kept coming to our house, but I could never sense there is something cooking between the two. We never came to know when all this started.

Do you approve of this relationship?
No. Never. It’s not possible. If she asks me, I will never give my approval to this relationship. I will not give my blessings to them, and I would rather keep my distance from this. But I will definitely ask my daughter why she did it. If she admits to her relationship with him, I will maintain my distance from them.

Are you hurt by your daughter’s decision?
Definitely. I was so upset that I couldn’t talk to anybody for two days. I’m still facing the heat of it.

If Bigg Boss 12 makers call you as a guest, what would you ask Anup ji and Jasleen?
I won’t go if Anup ji is there.

Jasleen is only 28, she is quite young. Do you think Anup ji should have agreed to this relationship?
I won’t ask him. If he says something then it’s another thing. But I am not in a condition to confront him. I will ask my daughter because I love her. I will get to know the rest when she comes back.

What if Anup ji wants to talk to you first..
No. I will talk to my daughter first.

Are relatives and friends questioning you over this?
They are saying you should not let your daughter enter the house. Someone was saying–had she been my daughter, I would have killed her. I don’t believe in such drastic steps. We don’t have any right to take our kids’ life, but if she has made a mistake, she will have to face the repercussions. I can’t do anything about it.

Do you want to send any message to Jasleen and Anup?
They should concentrate on improving their image. They have made a mistake and now the only thing they can do is to play a fair game so that public gets a good message.

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