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Anjali Arora TROLLED for ‘copying’ Deepika Padukone’s Besharam Rang moves in dance VIDEO

22nd December 2022 (New Delhi): Social media star Anjali Arora has created a ruckus on social media with her dance. Now he has shared a dance video on the controversial song “Besharam Rang” from the film Pathan. The Besharam Rang song has already created a lot of ruckus, after which Anjali Arora’s dance video has added fuel to the fire. In this song, Anjali Arora is seen copying Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone exactly, due to which she is being trolled a lot. Kachcha badam girl Anjali Arora always remains in the headlines on social media. Let’s know why Anjali is facing trolling now.

“Who dances so badly?”

The reaction of many people is now coming to the fore on Anjali Arora’s “Kachcha Badam” video. Commenting on the video, social media users believe that Deepika has failed miserably in copying Padukone’s steps. One user commented, “How well Deepika has done this step in the song Besharam Rang, but in this video the steps have been made into khichdi.” The same user wrote, “Many actresses have tried to copy the steps of this song, but no one has been successful.” Fans are not liking this dance video of Anjali Arora to the Besharam Rang song on social media.

Praise for Deepika’s dance

Meanwhile, fans are saying that, based on the way Deepika has danced in the song, it seems that the steps are very easy, but till now no one has been able to dance like Deepika. Let us tell you that in this song, there has been a ruckus regarding the dress of Deepika Padukone. People have come down to the demand of boycotting Pathan.

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