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Alas! Annadata’s beaten mercilessly in Haryana #FarmersProtest

Alas! Annadata’s beaten mercilessly in Haryana #FarmersProtest​

Karnal: Farmers protesting against CM Manohar Lal’s meeting in Karnal, Haryana blocked the national highway. The police had to resort to the lathi charge to stop the uproar. Many people got injured in this lathi charge. An importantmeeting of the state government is going on regarding Panchayat and local body elections at Hotel Prem Plaza located on Railway Road.

CM Manohar Lal Khattar is mainly present in this. Farmers have come out against this meeting.

Earlier, farmers tried to block the highway at Bastada toll plaza at noon. The police first asked the farmers not to do this, but the farmers did not listen to them. After this, the police resorted to lathi-charge and cleared the national highway. In the meantime, a farmer also tried to attack the police employee with a knife. Twelve farmers are reported to have been injured in the lathi-charge. The announcement was made by the farmers to oppose the BJP meeting held at Prem Plaza on Railway Road in the city.

For this, the farmers had to first join the Dera Kar Seva, but due to the wisdom of the administration, the farmers could not gather here. After this, the farmers started gathering at Bastaratoll plaza. The talks between the police and the farmers continued till noon. The farmers were adamant that they would march towards Karnal, but this was not possible due to the heavy police force. So the farmers decided to block the highway. At the same time, after lathi-charging the farmers, the Khattar government of Haryana is being fiercely opposed and #Farmer_Khattar_Khattar is trending on social media.

Byline – Deepshikha

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