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A woman didn’t turn up on the National anthem due to periods? Netizens can’t stop trolling it

A Woman in Kerala didn’t stand up on National Anthem alleging herself of suffering from menstrual cramps and pro-nationals thrashed her for not standing during National Anthem.

Tweet by The Print Correspondent Jyoti Yadav has created a buzz on the social platform. Her tweet reads “A woman on her periods didn’t stand up for national anthem in Kerala and was bullied by a so-called tv reality show star. People are applauding this bullying in the name of patriotism. Does this guy realize the pain of cramps?”

In response to her tweet, the pro patriots can’t stop her tweet and the woman who didn’t turn up during the national anthem. A twitter user Rakesh Kumar Singh wrote, “If she was so much in pain then how did she took steps on stairs, Is she angel who knows how to fly?”

Another twitter user Pragya wrote, “Ok… She can go all d way to movie hall via taxi or bus or whatever but cannot stand for 52 secs… #slowclaps”

To the Twitterati’s mocking Pragya replied, “Most people are unaware of Periods. A girl on periods might have cramps of labor pain. Another girl may not feel pain at all and can go for trekking. She may prefer to walk and while standing may feel pain. One moment, it’s life-threatening pain, the other it’s just routine.”

Even after her response, people didn’t stop mocking her on the social platform as people’s views were worth reading and Jyoti’s allegation on this society was turning as designed stunted propaganda to disrespect nationalism and National Anthem.

A twitter user and author Shefali Vaidya wrote, “The pain of cramps didn’t stop her from getting dressed up, putting on make-up, driving to the movie theatre from her home, sitting for a movie for 2 + hours, but the cramps ONLY came on for those 52 seconds that the National Anthem was playing, at least thoda dhang se feko yaar!”

To Shefali’s tweet, Jyoti replied in a very satirical disrespectful tone and wrote, “Aunty, Please! Stop behaving like a century old mother in law who made their menstruating daughter in laws work for hours in the fields and didn’t let them rest. Even rural women have changed. They are more empathetic towards their menstruating bahus.”

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