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A Delhi boy shoots his mother in the eye on getting scolded for alcohol consumption

By Purvi Jain

Police said that a 26-year-old man shot and killed his mother when his mother scolded him overconsumption of alcohol on Friday.

The incident took place on Thursday late night. The police also mentioned including the data they received that a 60-year-old lady has been taken up to the hospital after gunshot damage.

Police said, “the woman was brought to the hospital with a bullet injury on the left eye and was declared ‘brought dead’ by the hospital”.

“During the investigation, it was found that the woman’s son Suraj, who works as a driver, shot her in a drunk stage after she scolded him for consuming alcohol regularly and coming home late in the night”, says a senior police officer.

They added that the accused has been arrested and the weapon-a-country-made-pistol has been recovered from there. Further investigation it is being carried out.

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