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Why Manipur is burning

By Line: Tushar Singh Rajput

If you haven’t paid attention to the situation in Manipur, then you should. Manipur is currently on fire, in ongoing violence approximately 54 peoples have been killed, and the government had even ordered shoot on site. But either the media is not covering this violence, or even if it is been covered it is been done with a lot of misinformation. So before discussing the issue we have to discuss the history of the Manipur, so basically there are 3 tribes that live in Manipur the “Meiteis”, “Nagas”, and the “Kukis”. So, all these clashes and violence are going on between Meiteis and the Kukis. All this start on the 3rd may when All tribal student union Manipur (ATSUM) organized a solidarity march against the high court order, regarding the Scheduled Tribe status of the Meitei community. And during the solidarity march many rumors spread that the Meitei community burned the war memorial of Kuki community, due to this rumor Kuki community start burning the Meitei’s property. And they start making hostages of each other’s community people. So, it’s basically between the Meitei and Kukis community. Meiteis tribe are basically simple tribe so, they have been given Schedule tribe status in order to protect their ancestral lands, culture, tradition and their religion. And as per the news and some breakings the violence firstly started by Kukis community and then Meitei start taking their revenge. For them the Kukis are immigrants and start living in the restricted areas of the government and start interfering in their culture, lands, and in all the resources. People of the communities are very frightened as Kukis have arms, guns and new kind of weapons and the Meitei are fighting with their traditional weapons, whereas the Kukie people are residing in army camp and hiding in the jungles as they were worried that there houses and shops were burnt down or captured by the rioters. And on the other hand, this is not the only reason for violence as the State government launched an evacuation plan for those who are living illegally in the restricted area and in the hilly as mention in Forest act of 1972. So, all these reasons are responsible for the violence going in Manipur

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