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Want the ‘edit’ button on Twitter? Everyone, kindly wear your masks first

By Purvi Jain

On Thursday, Microblogging platform Twitter announced that they will add a much sought ‘edit’ button only after everyone starts wearing a mask during coronavirus pandemic. On an estimation, Twitter has over 320 million active users and many have already been asking to add an edit button once they have been published.

Twitter has been refusing to do this for a long time despite repeated requests from the users.

However, Twitter On Thursday made a move on the debate around wearing masks in public, saying that an ‘edit’ button will be added only when everyone starts wearing a mask. Twitter announced, “you can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask.”

In a separate tweet, the platform emphasized its point again by adding “everyone means EVERYONE”.

After this tweet, many users reacted to this teasing announcement with amusement and flooded the comments section with intentionally-misspelled tweets to underline the need for an edit button.

Many also accused Twitter of getting ‘political’ by taking a stance for “face mask vs no face mask” debate which is raging in the US. Wearing a mask has become an issue in the country where people have protested many times to make it compulsory to prevent the highly infectious viruses.

WHO in June stated that mask should be worn in areas where the virus is widespread and social distancing is difficult.

In an interview with Wired earlier this year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the company ‘would never’ add edit button feature as it could be a possible reason to spread misinformation.

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