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UP Ministers of Forest and Climate Change have something unique for the diversification of forests

Edited by: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Glimpse Of Diversification and Innovative Pathways For Forest Corporation Event

June 24, 2022 (New Delhi): Forests provide numerous services such as environmental and ecological stability necessary for human sustenance. It plays an important role in economic development and ecological stability. They function as a resource for many aspects of human life. They helps in keeping environment healthy and beautiful. Wild life of the state is its cultural asset. They maintain ecological “balance of nature” and maintain food chain and nature cycle. Most important contribution of wildlife for human progress is availability of large genepool for scientists to carry breeding programmes in agriculture; animal husbandry and fishery. They also provide employment to a large population engaged in their protection, tending, harvesting and regeneration. Villages and tribal groups near any forest area depend on forests for almost all aspects of life. But, with the development of civilization, large areas have been cleared to make way for farm, mines, towns and roads.

In order to discuss about such serious issue, a special event was organized by Department of Forest, Environment and Climate Change of Uttar Pradesh on Diversification and Innovative Pathways for Forest Cooperation in association with IACC (Indo- American Chamber of Commerce). With the presence of Chief Guest, Mr. Arun Kumar Saxena, this much hyped event got started as he eloquently discussed about government’s plan towards the diversification of forest through their unique and innovative ways to achieve environmental sustainability.

Further session was carried over by special guest, Mr. KrishnaPal Malik, State Minister of Forest, Zoological Garden and Climate Change who discussed about government’s target to increase size of forests with their own innovative ideas and ways.

Meanwhile, Suresh Gairola from FSC (Faculty of Science), India highlighted about value of forest certification by discussing about the types to track the chain of certifications. He also briefed about FSC principle with help of some statistics. Mr. Prabhakar Pura, Secretary of UP Biodiversity Board, Mr.KP Malik Malik, Shri CP Goyal Director General Forest& Environment Government of India, Mr. Manoj Singh Additional Chief Secreteary Environment, Ms Mamata Sanjeev Dubey Head of Forest Department PCCF also added value to the event.

Let us tell you that, Basic objective of National Forest Policy-1988 is to maintain environmental stability, to check soil erosion and to increase forest/tree cover. National Forest Policy envisages 33% of the land to be brought under forest and tree cover. The forest and tree cover at national level at present is approximately 23.81% whereas for UP the same figure is 9.01. It was proposed to increase forest and tree cover to 25% by year 2007 and 33% by 2012.

By line: Divya Thearia

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