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United we stand separated we fall: Power of women supporting each other at work

United we stand separated we fall: Power of women supporting each other at work

A survey conducted by the Workspace Bullying Institute shows that women are more likely to bully another woman in their workspace than men.

In this competitive world of ours, people are busy making their empire alone. The woman has been underestimated by man since a long ago, we live in a male dominant society and instead we talk about equality among men and women. To end this, women first need to start supporting each other at work.

Research shows that women’s who have a close circle of female friends tend to get higher authorities in their workplace and get higher pay as well.

Treat others the way u want yourself to be treated. To build equality among men and women, women need to start building a healthy relationship with other women’s.

Due to a lot of competition, we are taught to be on our own. It has been concluded in the minds of every working woman that appreciating other women at work and giving credits to them may lead to degrading their position.

As well said, “Talent is unpredictable and you can not stop that which is born to rule and lead a company.” Back bitching about your co-worker will just provide you the satisfaction of a few moments but in the end, when it comes to performing the task efficiently you can’t compete. You’ll lose both your dream to get appraisal via back bitching and a true supportive co-worker as well.

Instead of back bitching if you support her you will be seen as a supportive co-worker and secure enough to appreciate and lead others. If women build a trustful relationship among themselves at the workplace then there would a squad for honest advice staff. To build equality, women need to take each other back and work in a group to amplify productivity in work.

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