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TV Actress Donal Bisht reveals how a director from South ‘Once asked her to sleep with him for a role’

Byline by- Nitisha Nagpal

Bollywood is a world full of glamour. But there are some secrets hidden behind the scenes. Many of the leading actors such as Ayushmann Khurrana, Suvreen Chawla have faced the mental exhaustion of casting couch. Imagine if the top celebs can share their experience, the number of people who are still struggling might have had numerous encounters.Today we are sharing the story of one such actor, Donal Bisht.

Donal Bisht is a successful television actress and featured in shows like ‘Roop-Mard ka naya Swaroop’ , ‘Laal Ishq’ and many more. Recently she opened up about the not so alluring entertainment industry. She is very vocal about the incidents happened to her since her initial days. One of which is when a director from the South Film Fraternity asked her to sleep with him for a role. The actor’s response wan an FIR against the film maker.

The actor’s big break was with Balaji’s Kalash. Recalling her initial rejections, Donal described that after being finalised for a show, she was suddenly dropped out because they wanted some other actress. This shook her from the core and she was convinced that it’s a fake world. Also she didn’t wanted to choose the wrong yet easy paths but want to always move ahead with the right direction.

Just like Donal we believe that there are numerous talented people struggling to be part of the entertainment business but one of the reason pulling them back is Casting Couch. We as an audience should be making more sensible choices and appreciate talent over big budget and glamourous movies. We wish her luck with her upcoming projects. Follow us for more updates.

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