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This Lion ‘obeys’ , when a Forest Guard gently appeals the Lion in Gujarati to let him go home !

By Shivangi Chawla

A wild big cat’s response to a forester’s gentle appeals has inevitabely gone viral.
On a moonless Monday night , A lion was lounging on a deserted road in Nihodi area of Gir in Junagadh . Its languorous body was blocking the path of the forester who was driving home after his duty was ended . He stopped his motorcycle, its headlight piercing the beast in the surrounding impenetrable darkness. Mahesh Sondarwa, the forester, works as a beat guard in the Kothari Area . He waited for the lion to move, keeping the headlight on. The jungle’s royalty was unfazed by the spotlight and stayed entrenched . But he soon recognized him as the one he tracked regularly. Sondarwa requested the lion to clear the path for him, the Lion shuffled away from the unkempt road, sliding like a ghost in the darkness.

After this Union Minister ‘Pravesh Javadekar’ tweeted “A Gir Forest employee finds a lion on road. He tries to explain in Gujarati, the lion that he has been working whole day and requests to now kindly let him go home. And, the King of Jungle obliges. A beautiful example of harmonious co-existence”.
The video of the encounter has drawn thousands of views in less than 24 hours .

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